Also blow your trumpets at happy times. Blow them during your feasts and at New Moon festivals. Blow them over your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. They will help you remember your God. I am the Lord your God.” Numbers 10:10 (ICB).

Lately, the moon has been lighting our home at night to the point that the south side of the house is immersed in light. I’m an early riser, and lately as I arise, it’s not necessary to turn the lights on to cast out the darkness, for the rooms are partially lit. Joy fills my soul as I look out on God’s creation by moonlight.

Spring is definitely here, and this week is Holy Week for many of us. We are looking toward Resurrection Sunday with great anticipation. As I walked this morning, I saw the moon against the spring blue sky, the moon was low and large toward the horizon, it seemed almost close enough to touch. The markings were visible, and beautiful, as I viewed it near a mature cherry tree, abundant with pink blossoms. Today’s verse speaks of happy times, feasts, and New Moon festivals. As I looked upon the beauty of the morning, I couldn’t help but think of what this Scripture describes. How our Creator brings beauty from ashes, and joy from mourning. His Blessings.

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Photos: #1 by Tabitha Mort, #2 by Immortal Shots

Looking toward Resurrection Sunday, also referred to as Easter, makes me want to celebrate as I consider the price Jesus paid on the cross, so that we could be offered eternal life. I pray that as we walk through Holy Week, we can all rejoice in the Lord, and because of Him, experience the joy of our salvation. Salvation is a prayer away.

Blessings and Joy,

Jacquie ♥

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