You will bless us as you promised Jacob long ago. You will set your love upon us, as you promised our father Abraham! Micah 7:20 (TLB).

Deep within we sometimes cry. Enlightened, it’s the dross we deny. Encouraged, we come before the throne. Praise! His statutes we condone. While we ponder, and call on wisdom, it’s insight and knowing that bring freedom. Together we stand, united in truth; His hope-filled love from our youth. Internalized, we come to conclusion; never omit love’s infusion.

After singing “It Is Well With My Soul,” I found myself needing to sing it again after our livestream service. Ken and I turned up our worship music, and just let the words minister to us as we offered them up to our loving God. I sang “Good Good Father,” and cried through most of it. I realized that deep within, I was feeling useless. No interaction with our club kids, no in-person meetings with Pastors and other leaders to discuss the ministry, and no training for our volunteers equals the realization that without the privilege of this involvement, I was feeling emptyMeme_ Deep Within_ by Delta Works. Meme

God’s Word, and the songs we offer up in worship are especially healing right now. The love walk begins deep within. It is a matter of time in the Truth, and removing (asking forgiveness) of those things that displease God. In this place, we take off the old man, and put on the new “love man.” This process is lifelong. Allowing the truth of His love, goodness, faithfulness, and majesty, is freeing and brings us ever closer to our heavenly Father. Immersed in the love of God, we can face anything.

My prayer today for each one is; “Oh, send out your light and your truth – let them lead me. Let them lead me to your Temple on your holy mountain, Zion.” Psalm 43:3 (TLB). May we find fulfillment as we press into His loving presence.

Blessings and Peace,

Jacquie ♥

Photo by Delta Works

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