So turn to God! Give up your sins, and you will be forgiven. Then that time will come when the Lord will give you fresh strength. He will send you Jesus, his chosen Messiah. Acts 3:19-20 (CEV).

It’s always time to do what is right, yet in times of crisis, doing what is right is even more stabilizing. I love the phrase, “fresh strength.” Those two words create an oasis for the weary worn soul. After reading this Scripture, my response:

Doing what’s right, more than an idea, open the door of your heart; be pure. Into His light, the holy panacea. Notice in Him, you become sure; while growing in faith, love’s true lure. Watching and waiting all the day; hearing what’s spoken -then obey. Always in love, watch what you say. Triumphant in life you will be, as you pray. Surely with love, fears are allayed. Reading and writing His holy Word, into His presence now and always. We are grasping divine meaning, free as a bird. His love has been transferred. We are together forever, His life now conferred. Coming clean before God and man is the right thing to do, and has great reward.

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I pray today that as we turn to God, repent, and are forgiven; that we will experience the fresh strength that only Jesus can provide. I believe we are in a time of doing a “heart check.” Where there is bitterness, unforgiveness, unresolved relational and or physical pain which creates fear; give it all to the Lord. He will shower you with love, grace, and forgiveness. The way this works for me, is that once I receive His cleansing forgiveness, I feel energized and free; the fresh strength to carry on renews me – Spirit, Soul, and Body. If you don’t have a relationship with the Lord, and would like to, Click Here. Come, spend time with God, He’s the only One who offers unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, and transformational peace.


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