Good News Club is filled with activity, busy hearts and minds receiving the eternal seed of God. This month, we have been sharing aspects of the early Church with our club kids, and watching what Holy Spirit does best. We have the privilege of witnessing heartwarming, life transformation in our sweet first-graders.

“Darren,” came to us this month with pent-up anger and frustration. He has lots to say, but isn’t allowed to speak much at home; which hurts and upsets him. He spends a lot of time being sent to his room, and told to stop talking. (My sister was like this growing up, so I understand). At the beginning of the month, when Darren became frustrated, he would pull his shirt over his head and slump down, disregarding anything that was said.

Darren is intelligent and personable, but because he’s been stifled in communication, he has a tendency to “make the most” of his opportunities to speak. He asks good questions, and along with our acknowledgment of this, and our consideration in replies to his questions, we have seen him settle.

Once children know they are valued and heard, Holy Spirit brings understanding and appreciation for God, His Word, and relationship with the Godhead, Hallelujah! Darren has gone from feeling out of control, and like he couldn’t measure up, (raising his hand every few moments, and pulling his shirt over his head), to a child that experiences God’s peace and love. He enjoys being with the other kids at club, and has wonderful leadership abilities. Above all, he is learning how much God loves him!

Meme_ Acceptance Belonging_ Victoria Borodinova
Photo by Victoria Borodinova

When our identity is wrapped first in the foundation of God’s love, we begin to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. We become transformed in truth and love, which produces a heart to serve and love those around us. As for Darren, in our last club meeting, he announced to me before the missionary story that he was going to follow the rules so he could have a good day, and you know what? He did.

If you have children in your life in any capacity, I hope this testimony encourages you to hang in there:

  • When we remain calm and provide understanding for God’s Word, rules, and other important information, we give children the opportunity to apply what they are learning.
  • We instruct our kids (sometimes at the beginning of each activity) with our “Up Rules” Sit Up, Look Up, Listen Up, Hand Up, Zip Up. When you have a “Darren” who likes to keep raising their hand, just let them know you will get back to them, then they won’t worry about being heard; which frees them up to listen.

We all want to be accepted, loved, and to belong; and when these things are available to us, we respond (or at least begin to) in kind. “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” I Peter 4:8 NIV. And love frees us up to be the best version of who God created us.


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