Joy, joy, joy, sing for joy, shout for joy, worship the King, the source of joy!

I just read a psalm I wrote two years ago about joy. Even though I wasn’t experiencing joy at the time of the reading; by the time I finished, I wanted to write about joy. Here’s the psalm:

I will sing for joy to Him who loves me. With shouts of exultation I will give Him glory. He has strengthened me with His joy. He comes with hope and the light of morning. He arises in my heart with joyful singing. Praise His holy name!

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How true it is that what we focus on, we become. This truth encourages the heart to pursue that which we desire to possess or that which we don’t want in our life. It is important to think about what we are thinking about:

  • Where’s my focus?
  • Does my calendar, and resource expenditure reflect what I desire?
  • What needs to be in my life?
  • What needs to be re-prioritized?
  • What do I feel called to?

If your focus has been fuzzy, or you have veered away from your purpose, things will become clear as you answer these questions. As we head into 2020, I pray God’s vision will be clarified in each of us. That we will pursue what He has placed in our hands with joy and a heart to please Him.

God bless you as you focus on His unique plans for your life of love and service.


Jacquie ♥

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