Do you wish you could pause the pace of the holiday season? To press “pause” and resume a peaceful pace is at hand, How? I’m so glad you asked: Abide, be devoted to the true and living God. Pour your heart out before Him, and give Him first place residence in your heart.

From this place of abiding comes the weapon of love. For wherever God’s perfect love resides, fear must flee. Love which is light, can never tolerate (share space with) fear and torment which are darkness.

Stop running and settle your soul on your Creator: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Let your thoughts, tremblings (the what-if’s, worries); find their demise in love and perfect peace.

Photo by James De Mers

Yes, long for, seek after God’s life of love, which is true fulfillment. Press past the swirl of thoughts and emotions that distract.

Pause the pace: “Come into the holy of holies, enter by the blood of the Lamb. Come into His presence with singing, worship at the throne of God.” -John Sellers.

We know that praise and worship of God, shifts our focus from our problems to our Provider. I would love to know your experience of practicing praise.


Jacquie ♥