You have made known to me the ways of life; You will enrapture me [diffusing my soul with joy] with and in Your presence – Acts 2:28 (AMPC).

What about those moments when God diffuses our soul with joy? He gives us understanding in this life, and then enraptures us. What a picture of God’s love and His amazing process!

Because we have free will, we choose how much we give of our lives to our heavenly Father: (Time in His Word, Time in prayer, Time living out what we’ve learned). Herein lies the rub. If I feel like my time is not my own, or that I won’t get everything done that I need done today, I may opt to spend time working my list, thinking about ALL that’s left to do, and wind up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

My heart can become overcharged with worldly (temporal) cares, and I will feel defeated before I even begin.

Image by Fernando Brasil

Today, let’s choose to lay our burdens (lists, bad news, conflict, loss, etc.) down. For just a few moments, let’s just be still and ask God for His help. Being still, with eyes closed, head tilted back, and letting His peace and love wash over.

Maybe take time to look up Scripture on peace, hope, love, and wisdom, and healing (in order of importance for you); and read these scriptures aloud, to refresh your soul. Experience God’s peace, and what it means to have your soul diffused with joy, because you are in His presence.

I pray His refreshing, renewal, and perspective wash over you today. That you will see things and people (including yourself) as God does. You are greatly and deeply loved by your Creator, and I pray this Truth, will fatten your bones.

And if you come across someone today who needs this reminder, may you share it with the love He’s lavished upon you.


Jacquie ♥