She isn't saying so, but she wants to go.
She's seen too much; she thinks - although
There's still time to change her mind, and sow.

Life has been textured with loss, love, and sorrow,
She feels each day spent, now she must borrow;
Whatever energy she can - just to make tomorrow.

What can you say, when one makes up her mind?
Pray yes, but she's still in a bind; for
Her mind is made up, even though she's blind.

She's blind to the possibilities held in store
For one so compassionate, and what's more;
Things just aren't like they were before.

This tercet is dedicated to a dear friend who has poured her life out on behalf of others. My prayer for her is that she’ll stop and reflect on the beauty around her; to refocus on the vibrancy of the blessed life before her.

Dear Jesus, please help us to walk remembering you are our source. As we lean on You, your Word, and the fact that you Love us with everlasting love; we can be at peace. Thank you for your perfect love that removes all fear. Please help us to walk in faith believing that you work all things for our good as we love and trust you.


Jacquie ♥

Feature Image: Streegar