Lovingly humble, enduring all things,

Optimistic in foreboding’s face.

Valiantly standing, in faith love sings;

Echoing love’s promise, builds its case.

Eclipsed by our heavenly Author, the

Narrative in holy words surround.

Deity enfolds and into me pours,

Ultimate joy sings – making great sound!

Radiant light beams heavenward soar,

Ejecting darkness, ushering light’s height;

Soldiers bended knees, what a beautiful sight.

Abounding in grace, love knows no bounds,

Layers of love, life-giving hope astounds; a

Lifetime of caring is what will be found.

Tangible love pours over me, for

Holy is the One who cares most.

Instruments playing in concert, you see;

Nativity proof He came for the lost.

Gentle gestures turned into glory, they

Sanctify each one in heaven’s story.

From my heart to yours,

Jacquie ♥

Inspiration for this acrostic: I Corinthians 13:7b.

Feature Image: Tina’s Country Charm Cottage