Have you ever felt like you are suppose to share something, but it’s not necessarily something you would put on the internet? Yeah, this is one of those times. As you may know, my husband and I are missionaries to kids. This summer will mean a lot of children, youth, and teens will have way too much free – unsupervised time on their hands.

Would you consider praying that this summer will be a safe, adventure for them? Would you also think about some time you could carve out of your schedule to maybe volunteer, and invest in the lives of these younger? My heart aches for those kids who are displaced. It is hard enough to face a broken home, homelessness, and myriad other situations that arise as an adult; yet our kids are going through horrific life circumstances with no one to guide them and let them know that they matter.

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Our kids need us. Some of them might argue this point, but when they realize there are adults who care about them, and want what is best for them, that type of thinking subsides. My husband and I will be attending youth camp this summer, and look forward to meeting kids from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our hope is to see transformed lives leave this camp that will in turn touch the lives around them.

We pray that more kids will come through this summer knowing that they are loved,  that they matter, and that they have a purpose and an identity worth living for. Thank you for reading and considering what your part might be to encourage the kids in your community.

With great appreciation,

Jacquie ♥