Casting away ungracious thought
Opening my heart, removing the aught;
Moving and making love my goal
Including others makes me whole.
Nearly intoxicated with new joy,
Gaining goodwill, my love to deploy.

Into all that love has to offer;
Next time I remove the inner scoffer.
Together are we; love is inclusive
Overt in our devotion, never exclusive.

Lambs leap in the pasture by day
Obvious, boisterous in their play;
Various games, none to delay.
Each is loved by the shepherd who stays
Showing His love in myriad ways.

Providing His lambs with all they need
Under His direction, heeding His lead.
Running and skipping they frolic and then;
Ever returning – His refuge again.

Learning to single out His voice
Insisting within His way a choice.
Growing in liberty and dependence
His love provides true ascendance;
They travel together – independence.

This acrostic poem is about a trusting journey into the pure light of love. Whether we struggle with isolation, loneliness, or broken relationships, our Good Shepherd knows us, and loves us, and is waiting for us to follow His lead back into the light of His love.

May your day be filled with the love that frees you from the fear that would otherwise hold you back from the desires of your heart.

Jacquie ♥