Through times of illness, change, and trial, I am all the while, fully His. When what seems to pause my joy, I seek to linger with Him- sometimes after great struggle. My heart still longs to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Relieved am I, that this longing is not the reward of perfection, but that of loving persistence.

And then, He leads me beside the calm of still water. Having done nothing to earn this great gift of favor, I savor this moment. Once again, reminded that I am well in Him. Gratitude fills my soul.

Photo: analogicus

Fully His

He leads me in love and purpose,

Strums and anchors my soul.

Once thought a shell, is now a deep well.

His Spirit reminds and confides

Mysterious places of love.

He shows me His way – not to stray,

His providence is profitable; so

My soul sings, clings, and is made new.


Jacquie ♥

I’m writing for five quick minutes (more or less) on the one-word prompt “well” and linking up with other bloggers at Five Minute Friday.