Pray without ceasing.

I Thessalonians 5:17 NASB

Reading about Frank Laubach, has re-inspired me to “shoot prayers” at those I meet throughout the day. Frank wanted to know how he could pray without ceasing as I Thessalonians directs. As he went about praying for those in eye-shot, he started noticing people responding to him with smiles, and or a quick snap of the head to make eye contact with him.

I practiced this some years ago, and it was fun to see what type of response I might receive. Even when there was no apparent reaction on the part of those I was praying for, I walked in joy because I was communicating with the Lord.

Whether you are facing the concerns of life, of relationships, desirous of change, are in a desert experience, or loss, or something else, I encourage you to take up the “Pray without ceasing” challenge. When I shot prayers at my family, I walked in more peace, and at times gained insight into their perspective. And let’s face it, prayer draws us closer to God, and to those we pray for. Let’s take a fuller look at praying without ceasing:

Rejoice always and delight in your faith; be unceasing and persistent in prayer; in every situation [no matter what the circumstances] be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

I Thessalonians 5:16-18 AMP

So praying no matter the circumstances, + continual thankfulness = the will of God. Adding thankfulness to any aspect of this life has always proven to be uplifting. When the thoughts come (and they will) of dissatisfaction, unworthiness, and or comparison, reminding yourself of what you have to be thankful for is the perfect medicine. May constant prayer and gratitude fill your day, and may you find yourself walking in the joy of the Lord which is your strength.


Jacquie ♥

Photo Credit: Guenther Dillingen