In I Samuel 9, Saul’s father sends him out in search of lost donkeys. After spending great amounts of time walking to different cities, I can just imagine what Saul must have thought; “Enough! Why am I spending valuable time looking for some animals that may never be found?”

Saul is ready to abort this tedious mission when his companion (a provision of God) encourages him to the next town where a godly prophet is known to be; perhaps this prophet can direct their path…

The prophet turned out to be Samuel. God had already let Samuel know that he would be meeting Saul: “About this time tomorrow I will send you a young man from the land of Benjamin. Anoint him ruler over My people Israel….” I Samuel 9:16a.

Just think, what if Saul would have ignored his companion’s recommendation? After all, this was just about some donkeys, right? He had no way of knowing that God was about to make him King. Maybe you are feeling weighted down by the mundane, and you are asking God to show you what’s next. I encourage you not to overlook the ordinary things of life; you never know, treasure and links to your destiny may await you there.

We serve a loving God who has a purpose that we were born to fulfill in our love and obedience to Him. Listen for that still small voice. Your direction may change, you may find yourself going someplace unplanned. But this can only happen as you get quiet before Him. Lean into Him, and thank Him for all He’s accomplished through you and trust that He’s not done with you. You are greatly loved.


Jacquie ♥