I recently posted a memory from six years ago on Facebook. This memory turned out to be a glimpse into the future God was preparing for my husband and I:

Last night we had the privilege of attending our grandson’s Awana awards night. It was a joy to hear the kids sing, and pledge allegiance to our flag. But the the thing that stands out this morning, is the involvement of those grandparents and young people who invest themselves in the children. I am grateful for those who understand the value of generational interaction. I love seeing the Body function as family. ♥

Journal writing of 2013.

Little did I know that within five plus years of that event and observation, I would hear a sermon highlighting Psalm 8:2:

You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies.
Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children.
This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth.
Childlike worship will silence
the madness of those who oppose you. (TPT).

WOW. I had never noticed that verse before. What a contrast between how God sees children, and how the world views them; weak, vulnerable, even as a commodity to be disposed of. Needless to say, this Scripture catapulted my husband and I into ministry to children, youth, and teens as missionaries.

Writing has always been central in my life – increasing in importance with the passing of time. And even though I occasionally review earlier journals, I would not be likely to look for a journal from six years ago. So what a gift to have this reminder come to me through social media… Only God.

The point and focus of sharing this is to highlight the importance of the routine things of this life. Whether sharing on social media, blogging, or making journal entries, this is part of my identity. Of course I have at times ignored my writing, but what a great reminder to keep doing what He’s created me to do. I encourage you in whatever that routine is for you; be it writing, painting, composing, engineering, or ? Remain faithful and watch God show up at the most unexpected times, with unexpected messages tailored just for you.

You are greatly loved by the One who knows you best.

Jacquie ♥