Today as I pray and think about bringing the Gospel to children, the question arises, “how much longer will we have this privilege?” In some respects I feel as if the sands of time are spilling over at a rate not to be contained. At the same time, there is a sense that we have as long as we need. I’m inclined to believe the reality lies somewhere between the extremes.

Children are so precious, and I cannot fully understand how they process the world in which they find themselves. Yes, we have studies about these topics, but no one truly knows the heart of another except God.

I pray for awakening of the people of God to understand we are in desperate need of laborers (Luke 10:2), to assist in the care and feeding (spiritual, physical, and emotional) of the children in our communities, and by extension, families and marriages.

May we not be discouraged as we move toward wholeness in this life (spirit, soul, and body). May we never buy into the idea that “it’s too late,” or that individual effort is of no value. When we share the Good News, our hearers have opportunity to receive the most precious gift ever, something for which they will always be grateful.

1 Thessalonians 3:9, expresses the heartfelt gratitude I have for my dear friend Debbie, who brought me to church one Sunday, where I received the gift of eternal life! Paul wrote, “How could [I] ever thank God enough for all the wonderful joy that [I] feel before our God because of you?” And let me tell you, the joy of sharing the Gospel with children is immense.

Friends, I pray this is your reality, or that you are encouraged to make this real in your own life. Each time you share His Good News, you risk having this kind of heart-swelling joy. Ask the One who loves you best and most, and He will direct your path.


Jacquie ♥