The rustling leaves create a smoldering crescendo of sound; a venue for bird choruses. Surrounded by verdant knolls and husky trees, garden flags and banners flap with ease. The bushes dance, butterflies flutter, and the grasses wave. It is summer. Yet, my heart is burdened. What is to become of family so far away?

My mind is as a groaning, creaking, ship that sounds like it is on its last voyage. The vessel’s destination is indeterminate.

But wait, the Bible tells me to take every thought captive. Then I realize that assumptions, not even facts, have transported me to this undesirable state of mind. What happens to others is something over which I have no control. This is truth.  And when I know the truth, it will set me free.

I sense a gentle whisper,


“Come back to me. Don’t accept every thought that comes to you as truth. Ask yourself, are these thoughts true, good, and right? Are they pure, lovely, excellent, or of good report? If so, think on these. If they are not, set your focus on Me and My Word.”

In Response:

Stand on His promises and pray for and serve others.

Sing a new song, let your heart soar.

Join the grasses as they wave,

Delight in His sweet presence.

Each time you pursue His presence,

You satisfy your soul’s ache to trust.

Breathe in, breathe out,

When was the last time you thanked Him?

Can you remember the last time you stopped and sat silently before Him?

Today I am purposed to consider Him, and His presence. As I am compelled to stop and listen, I will be still. I will be attentive to inner chatter. Once I am filled with what He has for me, I will rest in His leading.

O Lord, take me away, show me your ways,

That I may lean on and learn from you.

You are lavish in love, constant as we commune.

You are unchanging in uncertain times.

My rock, my redeemer, my ransom;

Make me holy as you are holy.

Lover of my soul, make me whole.

My all in all, I give You my love. Amen.

If you struggle with keeping your thoughts in line and focused as I do at times, then I hope this  writing helped.

Jacquie ♥