Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep a watch over the door of my lips. Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil…. Psalm 141:3-4a.

This prayer of David tugs at my soul. If the Lord doesn’t keep watch over the door of my mouth – He alone knows what will come forth. My eyes well with tears as I consider standing before my Creator some day; Accountable for the words I have spoken. It makes sense that what fills the heart, is what pours through the mouth. I do not want to be a source of pain to others because of my words and attitudes.

Yesterday, I was intent on completing all my household to-dos, so that I would have a day free to spend with a friend. I got an early start, and accomplished a lot. But by late afternoon, I still had a ways to go. Frazzled by this realization, what other response could I have but to become stressed and grouchy?

Stressed Female

What if I had prayed for the Lord to guard my mouth before I spoke to my husband? Yes,  he forgave my agitated state, but really. The reality is that taming the tongue is a lifelong pursuit.

The truth? A brighter outcome could have been achieved. And as for the visit with my friend, we had such a good time. Turns out I had plenty of time to do some odds and ends before she ever arrived, hmm.

How relieving that God never stops loving us. He never stops forgiving us. And He never stops restoring us to Himself, and to one another.

Be encouraged today that relationship with God is a partnership. We are partnered with One who is loving. Gracious. And forgiving. His Holy Spirit is here to help us remember His promises, and to keep a check on our tongue.


Jacquie ♥

Photo: Martins Zemlickis